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Out Of Incest & Abuse

A Book of Hope

Diane Ella (Mattiussi) Esther

”Diane’s work and her courageous affirmations of hope are precious gifts for those who have been abused and those who love and care for the many, many victims of this devastating violence against the innocence of childhood.”

Shirley Turcotte, R.C.C.., Vancouver, Subject of the National Film Board’s To A Safer Place.

”Diane’s book is an eloquent presentation of the agony, the anguish and the memories of the unspeakable horrors of child abuse victims. Diane’s courage and poetry may encourage others to reach for help and healing of the soul.”

Rix Rogers, C.E.O., Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Toronto

ISBN 0-921980-02-7
6" x 9”, 80p
1989, 1998
$14.95 CND
$12.00 USD