Melina's Song To The Mountain

for Melina Kana

What song have I persuade your desire?
What song that solitary winds would lift my hair
like a cloud of wordless memories
over the harbour,
that I would burn my lungs to ash
if I should climb your secrets,
and higher still, to ease your solitude?

What words have I that decree your words?
What words that speak your flesh the sky caresses,
words that know the wisdom
of boulders colliding,
and words like no words at all
that die beyond the sky
when the mountainís desire is my destiny?

What words have I to sing your mountainside
that erupted with gods many seasons ago?
Yet, as each autumn dies like melody,
the gods all stand still to listen
to my song. Or is it only a valley they hear
where I fell to sleep and
dreamed my footsteps dancing away from you?

(from the book 'Beside the Hemlock Garden')