A Wedding Poem

In this unison moment
taken from hours,
may blossoms of every colour
collide into music for you
and may the mysteries
of root and branch
compound and conspire
into dream-true happiness.

May you stand beside
the aristocracy of trees
and may the loving or
bitter wind in your faces
melt your sorrows one by one
and lure the birds of winter
to paradise. May you hear
the silent, sea-echoed moon
together; and may the echo
of your hearts be one.

May you now and always
receive the love you need
and may you be wise to receive
when only part of love is given.

May your music be prayer
to leaves made of young birds
singing, and always may your
music be answer to the
art of life you desire.

(for Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal)

(from the book "Echosystem")